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Default Re: Vented Propane Garage Heater Ideas

Understood about the safety concerns. There are things that can be done to mitigate that such as LP/CO detectors, placing the tank outside, having the heater raised and near a window that is cracked.

I would like to do the natural gas method, and that may be in my future, but the cost is prohibitive right now.
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flman (10-14-2019)
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Default Re: Vented Propane Garage Heater Ideas

A sensor is not adequate. No gas burning heater in a dwelling would have such a sensor as a safety shut-off. It can be become contaminated, out of cal, or just be a plain POS from China that nobody ever tested because they didn't have to.

Calling the thing "listed" for safe indoor use as in it meets building code and would pass inspection is a whole lot different than "listed" for sale on Amazon, via drop ship from China, where the seller can say anything they want.

OP should at least be aware - he needs a building permit to install a heating appliance into a structure - and there will be a LOT of codes that apply. For example, open the installation manual for any vented, code compliant, listed propane heater and see how venting is addressed. You'll be so far ahead by buying and installing such a unit, as most of the code is going to read "as per manufacturer's instruction".

Just things to consider. If the whole point of the project is to increase safety because he's basically getting suffocated and poisoned by the old heater - why screw around?
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