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Default how would I go about adding towbar electrics?

Hi guys
It's a 2007 lwb cargo van 2.2 CDI, I've already added the actual physical towbar with on the back, I just need the rest.
I've seen item 282672869561 on ebay, does anyone know where abouts this might plug in?

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Default Re: how would I go about adding towbar electrics?

Depending upon their whim, the trailer module either plugs in under the driver's seat (at least in the US ... the side with the fuse panel), or in the rear.

Here are US wiring diagrams, and some people have been lucky with 3rd party powered light systems (i.e. they have a module that barely draws power from the existing light circuits to trigger relays or transistor switches that really power the lamps.
If you have Parktronics, the official trailer-tow MB system also tells it "don't freak out" if there's a trailer attached.

For the US 2007 model:
http://www.diysprinter.co.uk/referen...nformation.pdf <-2007 MB service manual
http://www.diysprinter.co.uk/referen...nformation.pdf <- wiring diagram from above
http://www.diysprinter.co.uk/referen...inter-2500.pdf <-- 3rd party wiring diagrams

I find the "3rd party" diagrams easier to work with ... and there is a page for the trailer tow hook-up

MB puts a 10-pin connector on theirs, and then supplies a 10-pin-to-whatever adapter (usually 7 pin in the US)

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Get YOUR Sprinter's full configuration datacard by entering your VIN to https://www.datamb.com/
http://diysprinter.co.uk/reference <-- lots of service documentation, Thanks to Jens Moller and Arnie_Oli
((as always: this post may go through a couple of post-posting edits... so maybe give it ten minutes before commenting))
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hippy (10-13-2019)
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Default Re: how would I go about adding towbar electrics?

Looking at the eBay ad it sounds like they supply models specific fitting instructions when they send out the kit.

Might be worth asking the seller the question directly.
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hippy (10-13-2019)
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Default Re: how would I go about adding towbar electrics?

The Mopar system has a fairly easy plug & play harness that is connected under the drivers seat and runs back to the tow bar socket & tail light feeds.

Its about $195 in US green "piasters".

If there is a drawback, its weather protection!
The harness is not well protected from water & road spray. In fact neither is the back end of the van at the tail light cavities for that matter!
Having about six relays mounted in the harness covered all by a fisherman's net like sock (all part of the harness) , its all stuffed into a body cavity under the tail light.

Since the harness is cheap and cheerful, (like Chrysler products themselves, I can never warm up to Mopar products ***) we shrink wrap the harness section where the relays are to prevent water ingress (i.e water propagation) into the relay sockets etc.

I suppose to sum up it works, its easy to install and is far less complicated than MB does with later systems. You can use it with a trailer brake module or not.
If you want more info I can dig up a Mopar part number.

p.s**** Not relevant to this post but I can't warm up to Mopar products
Emphasized by Mopar Secondary Evaps systems on petrol powered Chrysler cars.
Taking complication to a whole new level with three derivations depending upon Vin#
And some of you consider MB stuff complicated.
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hippy (10-13-2019)
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Default Re: how would I go about adding towbar electrics?

This kit from etrailer worked great for my van, they have a video on their website showing exactly how to install it on a Sprinter. Cheap and easy to install, and it only uses the brake lights for signaling, not for power.
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