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Default Factory Espar d5, How to run as stand alone heater and block pre heater?

My 2007 passenger van has a factor aux/rear d5 heater that
I would like to disconnect from the ecu.

My plan is to replace the rear radiator/blower unit with a plate exchanger and hook it up to a hot water loop with circulation pump and 5 gallon hot water tank and heat the water while driving from the engine with the option of heating from the D5 when parked (through temperature controller)!
So I think it's best to disconnect the heater from the ecu to get rid of programmed limitations (engine needs to be on and outside temperature limitations etc.)

Don't need the rear heat from the D5 since I have installed a diesel air heater.
I'd also like to use the d5 heater as engine pre heater since it can be pretty cold in the winter here in Ontario, Canada.

Anyone here who has done a similar setup who is willing to share their experiences or who I could pm for some advice?


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