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Default Onboard computer hidden assyst menu

Has anyone deciphered the hidden onboard menu you get to by holding "0"(till beep) with ignition to on, then pressing "M"

I figured out a few of them but the other I am puzzled.

1st page: A906 902 63 01 this looks like a part number?? possible software number of cluster CNN

2nd page: 55 4706 16.05 LL no clue on this one.

3rd page: A 906 901 33 01 possibly software number of cluster CNN

4th page: first line " H 1607"
second line "09.20" no clue on this one.

5th page: "code 0208" no clue on this one

6th page: (Oil symbol) 10.4 qts. this one is obviously oil level.

7th page : (Oil) Reset Std this resets service interval to 10,000miles

8th: page (Oil) Reset .31 this resets service interval to 20,000mile

9th page: (Oil) Reset .51 this resets service interval to 10,000miles

10th page: (Service wrench) Reset a different service interval? not sure

11th page: (Oil) Reset Stop this one is undo of whatever you reset

12th page: State Can 0.00 1.00 no idea on this one

13th page: Volt 11.7 obvious battery status

14th page: (Fuel filling pump symbol) 277 0h. related to fuel pump

15th page: HU date 01 2050 main inspection (Germany related)

16th page:AU date 2056 emmision inspection ( Germany related)

17th page: roll test off possibly related to ABS/ESP system

18th page: 5 714 25.02 LL no clue

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