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Default Re: Sealing vintage motorcycle gas tank leak?

I propane torch soldered a gas tank out of a Ford Falcon multiple times before I finally got it sealed - it had many pinholes from a crumple some time in it's history.

Washed it well with soap and water. Took out the sending unit/float assembly and stuck a shop vac hose in the fill hole way deep into the tank. Had the vac pulling full air flow constanly through the tank to suck out any remaining gas fumes as I soldered. The air didn't cool the tank metal so much that it prevented the solder from flowing well.

I've used the same trick on plumbing when a shut off didn't quite shut off or when upper story water keeps draining. Just open a couple of valves up the line somewhere and let the vac suck the water out up there - works lots better than the white bread plug trick.

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Larry M
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Default Re: Sealing vintage motorcycle gas tank leak?

I worked on storage tanks in the 80s and 90s. We had to have an inert tank before we could do any hot work. We always used dry ice. For this tank, 1/4 pound would be more than enough of solid or pellet form dry ice. Don’t use a C02 fire extinguisher. You may create static electricity.

Filling the tank with water didn’t work since it acted as a sink on the inside and you couldn’t get the metal hot enough to weld or cut.
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Default Re: Sealing vintage motorcycle gas tank leak?

I believe the water is emptied out once it has displaced the inflammable vapour.
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Default Re: Sealing vintage motorcycle gas tank leak?

I had great luck with Marinetex on my 71 Triumph tank.
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Default Re: Sealing vintage motorcycle gas tank leak?

I used the epoxy tank sealer from Caswell on an old Kubota diesel tank over 10 years ago, still using it. The epoxy gives you a thicker, flexible liner and while you still need to carefully clean the tank, epoxy will be more forgiving.
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