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LUV my T1N
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Default Re: Emissions Recall Notice

Originally Posted by Aqua Puttana View Post
Have any Dodge Sprinter owners even received the recall notice to date?

My notice arrived in the mail today for a 2004!

We have no emissions testing in GA, so based on what little I know of this, I will not allow them to touch it in the fear it will make mileage worse, or cause faults like some have reported.
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Default Re: Emissions Recall Notice

I received a second one (Ontario Canada) I'm ignoring this one too
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Default Re: Emissions Recall Notice

I also received the recall this weekend in MI, but we dont have vehicle inspections and I have a GDE tune that I dont want to mess with ..
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Default Re: Emissions Recall Notice

Rec'd my recall notice on my 2005 today. I am not planning to let anyone touch it at this time. I have read about some members having problems after the recall and I do not want to be that boat.
2005 TIN Sprinter 2500

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Default Re: Emissions Recall Notice

Received my recall notice today in California from Fiat Chrysler. 2006 Dodge T1N.

My van is running fine and I have no plans to take it in for the recall!
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Default Re: Emissions Recall Notice

Received the recall notice today. It appears that the computer does not monitor the Mass Air Flow Sensor for faults and thus does not flag it or set a code if the sensor is faulty. I suppose the computer does use the MAF information to control the engine, but simply doesn't tell you if the info is non-existent or inaccurate/out of range.

After reading the thread on the issues the Freightliner people have had with this, it will be a long time before I allow to have the computer reflashed. Cannot risk having my motorhome stuck at the dealer for weeks or months while they try to sort the problem out. There are no Dodge dealers in my area that were in business when T1N Sprinters were being sold, as the ones around here were shut down during the economic collapse and new ones have sprung up. I am sure they cannot properly service a Sprinter and most likely don't even have a Star module to access the computer with.

With no emissions tests here, I have no incentive to do anything stupid. When I hear of a Dodge dealer in the Southeast that has done the upgrades to several Sprinters without any issues, then I will take it to them and get it done.

Since this is a complete reflash of the computer, does this also fix the non working BRAKE warning light recall in one shot?

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South of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 2006 Dodge 3500 cutaway cab and chassis (T1N) with 2007 Winnebago View 23H motor home coach on it.

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Default Re: Emissions Recall Notice

I am with many of the GA guys, my van runs great and I am usually on top of any pending issues. The few Dodge/Chrysler dealers in my are don't have enough Sprinter experience and taking a day off work to have someone play with it is not gonna work for me.
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Default Emissions Recall

Just got this notice on the mail today.

I remember reading horror shows on here before after they updated the ECU.

Anyone have it done yet with good results?

06 Mercedes Sprinter 2500 SH 118WB

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Aqua Puttana
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Default Re: Emissions Recall Notice

If I were to receive such a recall letter I wouldn't announce it on a public forum for a couple reasons.

I wouldn't need to broadcast my intentions publicly.

I wouldn't want to awaken already too busy emissions bureaucrats about the possibility of some vehicles missing out on the recall.

If you are warm and happy in a pile of sh!t. Keep your mouth shut.

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(Somebody did ask though. I deleted mine. )
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Default Re: Emissions Recall Notice

I read this thread and found a lot of trepidation on complying with this recall. What I was curious about was whether people had any specific bad experiences and what any downside to this could be?

The wording on the recall notice makes me believe the dealer may inspect or replace emissions equipment including my EGR and intake system. My egr is sticking intermittently. So far from what I can gather, I see potentially a new egr in my future? FO FREE?! I mean, I guess I could clean it.
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