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Default SALE! Blower Motors and Resistor Packs @ IDParts.com

Rising temperatures put extra stress on your A/C system, so repair or replace your system before the temperatures really get hot!

Series Resistors
The series resistor makes it possible for your A/C system to have different speeds.
It lowers the voltage to the fan to slow the fan down at low speed settings. If your
cabin fan only works on the highest setting this is an indication the series resistor has failed.
These fail when they overheat, so failure is much more common during the hot months.

Check out the Sprinter Series Resistor here

Blower Motor
Blower motors are the actual fan assembly inside your vehicle’s A/C system.
The #1 cause of a failed series resistor above is a blower motor that is drawing too much
amperage. If you are replacing a failed resistor we strongly recommend replacing the
blower motor at the same time. Blower motors are easy to replace on your Sprinter.

See Blower Motors for your Sprinter here
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