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Originally Posted by Midwestdrifter View Post
It is important to note that coolant rated glass reinforced plastic fittings are perfectly acceptable to use. Most auto part stores will have a bin of various fittings behind the counter specifically designed for heater hoses. As does Amazon. The radiator is plastic after all.

I've seen some comments about failure of Dorman vehicle type plastic fittings.

A straight through inline plastic fitting has less potential for failure than does one with a shaped body eg. - 90 degree.

In a pinch I would use plastic, but given a choice I'd go with brass. Before the discussion begins, the G05 HOAT fluid is designed to be compatible with aluminum, plastic, brass, etc. There is no galvanic reaction with brass hose joiners. They are isolated from any aluminum parts.

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There's plastic and there's plastic. PVC ain't nylon or Delrin

I had a rental VW van "incident" where the (it turned out) electric-plastic-conduit-elbow-used-as-coolant-join melted in service.
In South Africa ... on a dirt road beside a lake (while trying to find a campground) on a Saturday night.
As it happened, the melt happened while i was backing up, so i saw the puddle in the dirt.
It happened in front of a lakeside "cottage" and the owner let us push the van into their site and camp the night.
The owner *had* the appropriate temperature-rated elbow back at his house.. he drove off the next morning and fetched it for us.
This was in the middle of an across-half-the-country drive to get from Nelspruit (where the radiator had just been replaced) to Joburg for our flight out Monday morning.

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