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Default non-owner question #1: Westy screens/windows

Great to see this new forum, and all the familiar names from the yahoo group. i prefer the format of this forum; :)

on to the question: Trying to figure out which windows have screens and which do not; Do all the lower side windows (other than the cockpit, of course); How about the upper side windows and sun roof?

No dealer where I currently am (overseas now), and the Airstream catalog is too short on specifics. Thanks to all.
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Default Re: non-owner question #1: Westy screens/windows

Howdy Astrotower -

The following windows have screens on the Westfalia:

1. large window behind the driver on the driver's side

2. both wind-wings on the center sides of the high roof

3. center skylight in the high roof

4. bathroom skylight

The following opening windows do not have screens:

1. Driver and passenger front roll-down windows (you already mentioned this but I'm too thorough for my own good - J.C. Whitney used to sell magnetic edged screens for the Vanagon, maybe someone has some for the Sprinter? Alternately, there are pieces with plastic louvers and screen behind that can be purchased to fit in the top of a partially rolled down window)

The following non-opening windows do not need screens (obvious but complete . . .):

1. sliding door window

2. side window just behind sliding door and above the refrigerator

3. front windscreen

You can get screen kits for the sliding side door (the original Westfalia appears to be better quality than the aftermarket kits but it also costs more). The screen can be left in place and you can then open and close the sliding door for ventilation.

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