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Default What a lemon

We have had the worst experience with our 2015 Sportsmobile Sprinter. We spent almost $100,000 for a new RV that we thought we could use without worry for several years and it has ended up being the worst lemon we have ever owned, and my husband has owned some pretty old RVs. With less than 26,000 miles the thing is falling apart. A whole laundry list of items that broke or stopped working. It left us stranded three times, and Mercedes Benz did not honor their warranty for any of those things. What a terrible product Sportsmobile and Mercedes have put out.

November 15, 2017 we took it back to Sportsmobile to have all the repairs done, they also transported it back to Mercedes Benz of Boerne to repair an engine problem. It was returned to us yesterday, February 27, 2018. That's right 104 days later. The delivery driver damaged the plumbing to the black water tank unloading it from the trailer. Sportsmobile said it wasn't their fault and chided us for my husband's "condescending tone" toward his staff over the phone.

Oh, and Mercedes Benz of Boerne did NOT repair the engine problem after being in possession of it from November 29 - January 17. Said they could not duplicate the problem.

Don't buy one! Would give this thing 0 stars if I could.
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Default Re: What a lemon

It is an unfortunate fact of vehicle maintenance/repair that depending upon intermediate 3rd parties to correctly and completely convey an issue frequently fails. It's almost mandatory that the owner be the one who goes to the dealer with the car/van/truck and demonstrates what's wrong. Written instructions get lost and/or misinterpreted.

Grabbing the service tech or service manager for a test drive and being able to say "that is what i'm talking about!" avoids the "we couldn't see the problem" excuse.

You have to be the one who squeezes the lemon so they can see the juice...

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