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Default Need Replacement Upper Rt 'Portal' Window

I'm too embarrassed to explain how, but I managed to lose the right side 'portal' window (don't know what else to call it... there are two of them on either side of the roof aligned with the central skylight) on my Westy.

Is there any source for replacing, short of a fellow inmate with a surplus on hand (not holding my breath on that one)?

Cannot believe my stupidity and may have to live with the consequence for years to come, but figured I'd try to see if there's any source for replacement.
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Default Re: Need Replacement Upper Rt 'Portal' Window

I sure hope you find an answer to this question. I live in fear of doing something stupid and finding myself in your position.
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Default Re: Need Replacement Upper Rt 'Portal' Window


Please post whatever you do.

I think I like the idea of a glass slider window, if available at MotionWindows. That way, the window can be open without worry. Also, a bit more stealthy.

The swoop of the tilt-open acrylic window can be duplicated with blackout tape/wrap (or even a metal mesh screen replicating the original window--need a way to secure in place).

Note: Don't forget to install the OneManVan or similar retrofit retaining cords for the driver side upper vent window.


Last edited by OldWest; 10-30-2017 at 06:39 PM. Reason: Add info on retaining strap/chain link.
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Default Re: Need Replacement Upper Rt 'Portal' Window

I believe Airstream still had one in stock when I checked back in 2015. I think they wanted $2800 for it. Worth a call at least...
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