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Default Westy for sale

Chip and B Benson's Westy is for sale this week on eBay:


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T1N Westfalia
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Default Re: Westy for sale

Thanks for info. I took this info and posted on the subforum for Sprinter vans for sale.


Copying text here as for sale postings may have a lifespan. Last line left off description--this Westy is located in Newport, Rhode Island.

A 2005 Airstream Westfalia on a 2004 Dodge chassis on eBay. There is an active subforum here for this Westfalia.

At the time Airstream imported into the United States, Westfalia was a subsidiary of Daimler Chrysler--making this vehicle a unique Daimler Chrysler Westfalia corporate family endeavor, with an Airstream partnership to bring into the USA.



Some text:

About this item
1 available
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number):
Fuel Type:
For Sale By:
Private Seller

Up for auction is a loved and cared for Airstream Westfalia Mercedes/Dodge Sprinter Camper. I am the original owner.

Considered to be the best small camper in existence. It sleeps four, has a large table which seats four, a refrigerator, two burner stove, kitchen sink and a complete bathroom with sink, toilet and shower. It also has an awning. It has extremely high headroom, superb interior light and the Sprinter vehicle upon which it is based can run for hundreds of thousands of miles.The engine is a 5 cylinder diesel. The sprinter body is 18 feet long, so it can park in a normal city parking space. It is 10 foot 8 inches tall, but no wider than a normal full sized car.

This camper, affectionately called The Giraffe because of its height, goes an easy 75 mph but gets its best fuel mileage at 60 to 65. The mileage varies between 17 and 24 miles per gallon depending on headwind and the speed at which it is driven.

The Westy has performed without a single mechanical problem for its entire life. It has never gone more than 9,000 miles without an oil and filter change. The brakes and rotors were completely replaced 3,000 miles ago and the tires, Bridgestone stiff wall radials, have approximately 5,000 miles on them. It has never been in an accident apart from a scrape in a parking lot which resulted in surface cosmetic effects which have been professionally repaired.

The generator works perfectly. It has 15 hours on it. We have installed a 2500 watt inverter that runs off the house batteries. We have installed an aftermarket spare tire mounted on the rear door, as Airstream removed the spare in order to install the generator.The air conditioner works but at some point it should have a new upper exhaust fan installed as the original one does not always start.This is a DC air conditioner which was produced with a problematic three way relay which we have replaced with a marine battery switch.We removed the microwave and the television. The radio is original and needs to be replaced- we have not done this because everyone we know has installed their own preferred sound systems instead of using the original one.

The bathroom skylight cover blew off in a storm last Sunday. I have taped it back in place, but it is NOT fixed. There are replacements available for this part but I am unable to fix this prior to offering my camper for sale.

The van conversion was done at the Westfalia factory in Germany. It is a well worked out European camper design which has been produced for at least 40 years.

To the best of our knowledge Airstream imported about 240 of these small motor homes in 2005. Ours is #168. Airstream converted the systems to 60 cycle electricity, installed a generator, and altered the vehicle to meet US safety standards.
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Default Re: Westy for sale

For the asking price this is an amazing deal for someone looking for a Westy. I'd jump on it if I didn't already have one :)

Historical note: our Westy #133 was purchased by the previous owner (Ron) due to a recommendation by his friends Chip and Barbara. And I believe they may have been the catalyst for at least one other Westy purchase as well. So that makes one couple responsible for about 1% of the Westies bought in North America.
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Default Re: Westy for sale

Yes, that other Westy is ours which we bought as a result of them showing us theirs.

The price reflects that they are anxious to sell due to their unfortunate circumstances.

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Default Re: Westy for sale

Well of course, I actually knew that and forgot :)

I don't know who got a chance to see it but there was a really nice piece on Chip in the NY Times.
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Default Re: Westy for sale

Note that $39.500 is the starting bid. You only get it for that if you are the only bidder and they have no reserve.

Gene (highpockets, if I can get it changed )
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Default Re: Westy for sale

Wow. Auction closed at $39.5K.
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Default Re: Westy for sale

Someone got a good deal.....
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Default Re: Westy for sale

Here we go again...

We're buying this Westy from Rhode Island, it's our... um... (gulp) third one.

We bought our first Westy back in 2007-- beautiful, incredibly low miles, near new, and it stayed that way. We sold it in 2009 to help fund a new home purchase.

We bought our second in 2010-- not so beautiful, frankly a bit ragged looking, but it was blue and it was solid and I proceeded to make a project out of it. We sold it in 2013 (along with selling a lot of other stuff) when I was assigned to a new position in Europe.


We're back in the US and ready for our third. I understand this one was treasured by the owners, who took great care of it-- and we're happy to take ownership and continue to give it a good home.

More to come... will probably start another thread when we get this one home to Oregon.
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Default Re: Westy for sale

You have only owned 1.2% of all Westys imported! Is there someone who own two at the same time?
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