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Default Maintenance: Engine Wiring Harness

The Sprinter engine wiring harness is routed through various areas, held in place by various ties and separated from chafing by protective grommets and/or plastic conduits.

Weird problems arise when the wiring is worn thin or broken by a chafed wiring harness or too sharply bent wiring harness. Over time, various ties may have been removed or broken off.

Engine wiring.harness:



[PLEASE post photos and other areas of interest.]

There are several areas which have been mentioned over the years.

1. Over Intake Manifold

There are apparently (a) some plastic ties which hold the wiring harness in place and (b) a 2" or so round rubber grommet isolator between the intake manifold and firewall area.


2. Area near/below Fuel Filter Area

Lots of wiring harness cabled together.


3. EGR Area

Don't know if this is same thing as described above, but Riptide had a mysterious lack of turbo boost which he finally solved by fixing the wiring harness near EGR area. He also mentioned a fellow Westy owner protective.fix (need photo, please).



4. Other Areas


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