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Default Unity cold weather operation

Just drove our new 2020 24mb from Iowa to Az for the winter. Took off 20 Oct and had intentions of going thru Denver and over the Rockies to Grand Junction. Snow and cold had already set in in Denver and mountains so we spent he next 4 days running from the cold. I did not want to damage my new baby with frozen and broken water lines. I was most afraid of the macerator since it hangs out the back with no protection.

Question 1: How cold do I dare experience with my new unit as is.

Question 2: Can I make my unit tolerate cold weather. I would like to get down to 25 degrees or so overnight.

Thanks for any input you can give

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Default Re: Unity cold weather operation

Welcome to the forum and LTV life. First, a couple of suggestions:

1. Put the year and model of you unit into your signature, because some discussions are model specific.

2. Search the forum. There are a lot of threads on this issue. Granted, the search engine on this forum is not good, but if you play around with your search terms, you should be able to locate the threads.

To your specific question, we have not suffered any damage to our 2017 FX when temps have gotten down to the mid- to high- 20s overnight in Colorado, Utah and Michigan. However, we made sure the daytime temps would at least be in the high- 30s to low- 40s. Like you on several occasions we have headed south off our planned route to find warmer temps.

I have read that the TB is more cold-resistant (macerator aside) than the other Unity models because the plumbing and fresh water tank are inside. As for the macerator, we have dumped some pink anti-freeze into the gray water tank and then run the macerator until we saw pink-tinged discharge. If you are worried about your Truma, there is also a pretty quick procedure to winterize that.
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Default Re: Unity cold weather operation

as-is, I would not want more than a few hours standing still below 30. if driving, the wind will increase chance of freezing exterior pipes, so more worry for unprotected unit.

learn to winterize, and make sure there is anti-freeze in that macerator.

you can use the waste plumbing if you "flush" with RV antifreeze. but best to leave the fresh water plumbing full of RV antifreeze or air when temps are below freezing.

trying to update to allow full winter operation is a project.

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Default Re: Unity cold weather operation

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