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Default Installing Transit bench seats in a Sprinter - Anyone?

Been searching and haven't found anything to verify if you can or if anyone has installed the 2 or 3 person bench seats out of a Transit into a newer Sprinter and how involved it was to incorporate the brackets. And yes, I"m fully aware of the DOT regs etc...

Looking to get a 16 or 17 Cargo and build it out into a 4 person toy hauler rig and I'm seeing the Transit seats on eBay for a fraction of the OEM Sprinter seats. I'm mostly interested in the 2 person option to not take up floor space but I might go 3 person... And yes, I know you can get the Crew with the factory bench but with some of the mods I'm looking at I'd be ripping out most of the Crew additions, hence my choice in looking at the Cargo to begin with.

Thanks for the help
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Default Re: Installing Transit bench seats in a Sprinter - Anyone?

I have no data.

I would begin by getting the floor bracket/frame spacing including the side wall distance and comparing the two seats. If the brackets fall to similar areas then it would follow that the Transit brackets could be installed in a Sprinter. The floor rib spacing/location may be a problem, but a plate of some sort should address that.

Be aware that the T1N seat brackets fall above the uni-body box structure. That makes bracket installation a bit more complex. I don't know where the NCV3 brackets fall as to the "frame" box, but that should be determined with the Transit bracket locations.

Have fun.

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Default Re: Installing Transit bench seats in a Sprinter - Anyone?

Have you considered the cost difference in the crew and labor and other costs and time to install a bench seat in a cargo? Parts that you rip out from a crew could be sold to re-coupe some of the costs. If you do go the cargo route some up fitters and dealers have seats cheap or free. The one Sprinterfest East I went to the host dealer had about 6 3 seat benches they were giving away and still don't think they had any takers. I imagine the Transit seats could be had that way as well. But to your original question I don't know if it can be done but imagine if it can, could it be done cheaper overall than adding the Sprinter seat.
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Default Re: Installing Transit bench seats in a Sprinter - Anyone?

I have seen them installed in a build done by Van Specialties. They are narrower and helped with their layout. Unfortunately I can't answer the other questions.

I see transit seats on CL all the time for dirt cheap...
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Default Re: Installing Transit bench seats in a Sprinter - Anyone?

I know where there are a LOT of Sprinter seats...

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Default Re: Installing Transit bench seats in a Sprinter - Anyone?

You can install L-track and then bolt whatever floor mounts you want to them; Transit, Sprinter, Toyota, etc. I put a Transit 3-seat in my T250 this way (brackets stick up too high on a cargo floor).
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