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Default Re: Sprinter brain aneurism

Update: The rig is back home, and the only part replaced was the aforementioned ignition module. Everything appears to be in order, leak check also performed with negative results... but we already suspected that. I was warned that I will have to cycle all the spare keys through the lower slot to re-pair them to the vehicle. No other epiphanies.
Future camping trips will find us being much more careful about condensation water.
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Default Re: Sprinter brain aneurism

Thanks so much for the update. Let us hope it was one and done for the rig!


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Default Re: Sprinter brain aneurism

There have been a number of misleading statements in this thread, which can cause confusion, some of which have been commented on.

1. Running the furnace (or heat pump) does not cause or contribute to condensation on the inside of cold windows (SSTraveler, 1/23). The rise in interior moisture is caused mainly by bodies in a confined space and to a lesser extent by cooking, showering.

2. A heat pump in heating mode does not act as a dehumidifier (HoloHolo, 1/24). Moisture is removed only when operating in cooling mode.

3. Heating does reduce relative humidity (HoloHolo, 1/25), but does not reduce absolute humidity, which is the actual amount of moisture per unit (CF) of air. Thus, heating has little or no effect on condensation which is governed by the temperature at the window surface.

4. A heat pump in heating mode does not bypass the cooling coils (Alichty, 1/25). The cooling coils in cooling mode become the heating coils in heating mode, as the output from the compressor is sent to the inside coils instead of the outside coils.

Ventilation (exchange of inside air with outside air) will reduce condensation at the cost of more heating needed to heat the incoming, cooler outside air. This cost would be "free" when using the heat pump or electric space heater at a campsite with electric hookup; not so with furnace running on propane.
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Default Re: Sprinter brain aneurism

Thanks, TJ. Beat me to it; nicely put and 100% correct.
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