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Default Faild smog due to readiness status


I have a 2002 Dodge Freightliner 2500 that is failing smog because all the items under Readiness Status reads as 'Unsupported'. Smog place said I need to get my computer checked at a mechanic, so I called the sprinter expert in Los Angeles and he said he no longer works on that year because it's "too old".

I read around the forum about needing to drive around at 40-50mph, but i've put a few thousand miles on this thing since I got it. Do I need to do this basically on my way to smog?

Edit: Pic attached
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Default Re: Faild smog due to readiness status

I think you need to talk to a more helpful smog check station. The "unsupported" will NOT be fixed by more driving. The problem many folks run into is emissions monitors that are "incomlpete" (NOT "unsupported"). All those monitors should say one of 3 things: "ok" or "complete" or "closed" or some variation on that theme, "incomplete", or "N/A". On my 2005, my $50 generic code reader shows emmissions monitor status no problem and I think there are 3 "ok" and everything else is "N/A".

Unfortunately I know very little about 2002s - either 2002 doesn't speak OBD2 (which is possible since I don't think OBD2 was legally reqired of diesels in 2002) or the place you went doesn't have the equipment to talk to your van. Hopefully someone here with a 2002 can weigh in, but if not I'd call smog places (or search the CA BAR website) and ask what is required to smog a 2002 DIESEL. Again, it doesn't sound like there is ANYTHING wrong with your van based on that printout.

Edit: yours is not the first post on this issue. See: https://sprinter-source.com/forum/sh...ad.php?t=62428 I found the document that user referenced on the BAR website and it is attached - see page 16. As long as your check engine light turns on and then goes out, your cats, egr, etc are present and not removed, and your exhaust doesnt pour black smoke you are all set. Unfortunately you may need atrip to the BAR referee to find someone knowledgeable enough to pass you. There's nothing wrong with your van.
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Default Re: Faild smog due to readiness status

It looks like they're trying to test it as a GAS model!

All those systems that are 'Unsupported' seem to be applicable to GAS engines only hence being unsupported on your Diesel.

And as 99sport has said, your Diesel Sprinter from 2002 is very unlikely to be fully OBD compliant.

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