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Jim in france
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Default Problem with flaps in heater box

Hi everyone,

I joined the forum in the hope of getting some advice on a problem I have with my motorhome which is left hand drive based on Sprinter 313cdi. Year of vehicle 2001 but its only done 36,000 miles.

The selector on the dash to adjust where the blown air comes out was very stiff and it got to a point where I couldn't move it. I have removed the heater control panel and lubricated the moving parts but this did not help. I disconnected the cable which operates the yellow cam on the back of the heater box and found I could then move the heater control 360 degrees. The yellow cam on the rear of the heater box is very stiff to move so its the cam of the flaps within the box which are the problem!!

I have read here that it is a big bad job to change the heater box and perhaps beyond my capability.

Is there anyway I can get to the inside of the heater box to try and fix this?? The heater is working just fine so there is no need to replace the matrix. When I move the yellow cam (with a lot of effort) then the blown air comes out on the windscreen or my feet so the flaps are doing their job. Its just so very stiff that the cable cannot cope with it. I have lubricated the yellow cam from the outside but this has made no difference. I have removed the bottom of the heater box in the engine bay but cannot get my hand into it far enough to be able to feel what is going on or to spray some lubricant into it. I have left the cam disconnected for now with it selected to heat my feet but I would prefer to fix it properly so I have all the options available. ie feet/screen and all the choices in-between. Any help or advice would be most welcome. Thanks Jim

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Default Re: Problem with flaps in heater box

Did you lubricate the cables with light oil? That typically fixes the issue.
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