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Default 2 worn out turbos, possible oil pump trouble?

i am closing in on 300k miles on my 2006 dos gprinter 2500. she started spitting blue smoke when the turbo got engaged last month. i pulled the clip off the intake at the intake manifold and found oil. pulled the tube off the front of the turbo, play in the turbo spool due to worn journals. ordered a pure energy rebuilt garret off of rockauto.com, and the swap went without trouble. no external oil leaks + fresh oil/filter, replaced gaskets. 500 miles later, blue smoke when turbo is engaged again. new turbo journals wore out. no clogs in the turbo oil inlet/drain tubes. back to square 1.

now im thinking the oil pump might be going out. when she is warm, and i have the heater fan on, it pumps warm air. occasionally i get cold air when the engine is warm. warm air returns when i rev up to 1k within seconds. would this be a sign of oil pump issue or something else?

i currently have the turbo servo unplugged to slow/stop further wear of the turbo journals. i am waiting to hear from rockauto if i can get a warranty replacement. if not, i am going to attempt to replace the journals myself. old turbo veins were rubbing on the walls, new one hasnt touched the walls yet.

currently a homeless vet college student using post 9/11 gi bill working towards an AAT in welding. still owe 6k on the van, and am on a very tight budget.
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Default Re: 2 worn out turbos, possible oil pump trouble?

I wouldn't necessarily condemn the newer turbo based on shaft play alone and *small* amounts of oil in the intake is very common. Blades contacting the housing is bad. Can't offer any opinion on symptoms of failing oil pumps on these engines, but in my narrow experience with gear type constant displacement pumps they either work or they don't.


As to the occasional cold air from the vents, oil is not involved with providing warm cabin air, that is all coolant. Other things may be going on with that.
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Default Re: 2 worn out turbos, possible oil pump trouble?

What oil are you using? Have you run it with the turbo oil feed unbolted from the head? Perhaps you could retype you second paragraph as the present one makes no sense. Eric.
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Default Re: 2 worn out turbos, possible oil pump trouble?

I also suggest that there is nothing wrong with the turbo. Have you pulled you PCV/oil separator to check for clogs? Note that you should precharge the turbo with oil before installing to ensure it doesn't seize at startup.

Cold air when from the vents could be a couple of things. Gas trapped in the coolant from a leaking head gasket can accumulate in the higher heater hoses. Do you have pressure in your cooling system after the engine has completely cooled? Could he a head gasket leak.

The ATC uses the temp knob to determine how much coolant to let through the valve. A funky or failing temp control knob can cause the ATC to suddenly think you have it set to cold.
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