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Default Re: Towing a toad

There is no reason why you should not pull a toad but do your research before hand. We have towed our 2013 CRV behind our old Dutchstar for many thousand miles and will be doing the same behind our new Unity. The CRV weighs in at about 3250 lbs with a full tank of fuel and all our gear etc.

Your coach likely has a 5000 Lb Hitch. Whatever you tow MUST be under that limit. Ideally not over 4000 Lb. Loaded that is.... There are many good choices to meet this weight and be towable with all four wheels down. You do not want to get into using a dolly. PITA.....
Yes, there are some that say they have towed their 4800+ Lb jeep and never had a problem. But common sense says, don't push your luck. Do your homework before you spend a bunch of money and find out it's not going to work out....

You will need a good tow bar and Aux Braking System. If your not familiar with this set up up, I suggest you go and talk to a qualified dealer on how to do it right. BlueOx and Roadmaster both make good products. SMI is one of the best and least complicated Braking systems.
The attached link will provide you with a plethora of real good information to put you on the right track.

2019 24CB Unity being pushed by a 2013 Honda CRV through a Blueox Aventa tow bar and a Patriot Braking System.

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Default Re: Towing a toad

I'm towing all four 2017 Chevy Spark manual. Get 13.75 mile/gallon because lot of hills. A little over 14 on flat terrain.
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