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Default Tapping into MB factory installed aux battery

Hey All

Another dumb question.

I've got the factory installed auxillary battery under the drivers seat and cut off relay E36.

I also have the ED5 programable special module. I really don't know what this enables me to do but I beleive it is where I should be tapping into for additional loads I'm about to describe. Is this the correct place to tap in?

As far as loads I'll be running, I'll be adding load in stages. For starters a small inverter (insert inverter suggestions here). From what I've read jusing a few small inverters rather than a single large one is more efficient and this will be my strategy for growth/expansion.

I'll run a computer from it for starters, 15" laptop for a few hours of entertainment at night with the wife and a few hours work during the day.

I'm in the midst of getting my MB installed booster heater converted to run when engine is off. I'm thinking it's be good to power the unit from the auxillary to preserve my starting battery. I'm assuming once I get that sorted I'll be running it overnight with similar draw as an Espar Hydronic D5 for say 8 hours.

I'll be adding a battery monitor to get a sense of my typical draw and will add components one at a time.

In the near future I'll add a fridge, and some additional interior lighting.

I may also add an Espar airtronic D2 if required (I'm in Canada)

I'm thinking I'll eventually run a 20 - 27" tv and sound system from the computer when I have the interior fully sorted. The sound system won't be very exotic, just adequate to hear the programming when it's raining on the roof. I'll be adding a kitchen/sink so pumping water will happen as well.

I think eventually I'll add solar charging capacity once I get a handle on my needs. That and potentially a second battery if required.

That's my anticipated load for now.

So where's the best place to tap in for this Sprinter novice?

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