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Default Added Fridge Cooling Fans to TIffin Wayfarer

I have a Wayfarer BW model which, like the QW, has it's fridge mounted in the slideout. Since the fridge is in the slide, it has its upper vents on the side vs out the roof. There have been times where it is hard for the fridge cooling to keep up with outside temps pushing 100 or higher.

I added the TITAN 12V DC Double Rack Mount Ventilation Cooling Fan (90mm). https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077TJCL3F

Was a super easy install. Short answer: no holes to drill or fishing of wires through invisible spaces. The inside decorative panel above the fridge easily pops out, allowing me to run the Speed Controller wires over the top of the fridge an then to the outside back of the fridge by going to the side of the metal heat deflector (had to remove a little black adhesive sealant for the wiring harnesses). The speed controller itself mounted to the front of the removable panel with the wires simply routing around the bottom and the snaps holding the panel in place with the wires being pinched slightly.

In terms of hooking up power that was super simple as well. Tiffin already installed a cooling fan on the back side of the fridge to try to create an air flow from bottom to top vent. It connects to 12VDC through an inline fuse holder with 1A fuse. Removing the lower vent I was able to tap into those wires right at eye level.

As for Tiffin construction and build quality I have to compliment them on the following: The top of the fridge sits below the upper side vent. Above the fridge they've installed a metal baffle at a 45 degree angle to smoothly direct the hot air from the back coils towards the upper vent. I cannot tell you how many other units I've seen with either dead air pockets above the upper vent or the upper vent being too low on the wall compared to the top of the fridge. Lastly, how they wired in their own cooling fan to ensure a convection flow of air from top inlet vent to bottom top exhaust vent made it really simple to add my own fans mounted directly to the top exhaust vent (although I do wish manufacturers would just do this vs forcing us to make this mod).

In all about a 20-30 minute project with no drilling or unnatural acts.

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Default Re: Added Fridge Cooling Fans to TIffin Wayfarer

Any efficiencies or results to report on the fridge post-install?
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