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Default Re: What to expect from the auxiliary heater?

the aux heater with timer works with the vehicle off..
It also fires up the heater with the engine running... (at least in my 2005 Passenger Wagon)
I never use the A/C "bar" to control it.. only the 7 day timer. (far easier to reach from the driver's seat)

2005 T1N 118" Freightliner 2500 Passenger Wagon (2.7L, 15" tires, standard (short) roof)
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((as always: this post may go through a couple of post-posting edits... so maybe give it ten minutes before commenting))
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Default Re: What to expect from the auxiliary heater?

I've recently had some experience on this subject. My Auxiliary heater would perform the same as the original poster. That is, the fan would blow cold air while the Espar would attempt to fire. The Espar would eventually fire, but not for long because (I later found out) the water pump was not running. Jim Rixen at Rixen Enterprises in Sandy, OR, diagnosed my problem, and then installed a new water pump. All seemed fine, and so my wife and I and our infant son went camping on the coast Friday night. It turned out to be a cold night. The Espar would not fire. When I checked under the hood in the morning, I saw that the plug to the water pump had jostled off on the drive to the coast. I plugged it back in, but the pump wouldn't run anymore. I went back to Jim Rixen yesterday. He was surprised to see that the brand new pump had failed. At no charge, he upgraded the pump to a new Bosch brushless pump. Everything seems to be working now. If anyone is interested in the exact model of pump, please let me know. I'll try to remember to report back after a reasonable period of successful operation.

Off topic: Unfortunately, on the way home from Jim Rixen's shop, I started hearing a strange noise at idle. It looks like my pulley tensioner will need to be replaced. I'm awaiting word from Upscale Automotive now. My wife is starting to view our new van as an expensive undertaking.
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Default Re: What to expect from the auxiliary heater?

Thank you for all your posts and help!
The culprit was indeed the circulation pump. Had it replaced by the Mercedes dealership in Chantilly, VA and now it's finally blowing warm air!
The techs at the dealership seemed fairly experienced and I'm happy to have found someone who can provide service. Just a little on the expen$$ive side...
Hope to see all you East Coast Folks at the Sprinterfest in April in PA.
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