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Default Wiper Linkage Assembly Install

Change Install Wiper Linkage Assembly

I didn't find a Write-up on this.

The Service Manual has the R&R in Section 8R.

Tools from memory:
10 mm socket
13 mm socket
12" extension and ratchet handle.
10 mm box open end wrench
13 mm box open end wrench (An "S" wrench is handy. I have one from VW days.)
Channel-locks for the large nuts on the cowl. A real mechanic would have the correct wrench.
Misc. common hand tools.

For access to remove the linkage, the cabin filter cover and cabin filter need to be removed. The Service Manual says to remove 5 nuts and drop the air handler plastic case down to rest on the engine. I found the 2 ea. 10 mm hex nuts around the cabin filter end. One is off a tab on the cowl. The other deep in at the end of the case (12" ratchet extension). I removed those nuts. I never did find the other 3 nuts.

Remove the wipers by popping the lower arm plastic cover loose to access the 13 mm nuts on the spline shaft. After removing the nut I needed to tap the assembly lightly to release the tapered splines. Remove the 2 large nuts and washers. Next remove the 2 ea. motor support frame 10 mm hex head bolts on the cowl tab. Drop the wiper linkage assembly down enough to assess the motor electrical connector. Disconnect the connector by squeezing first to release the connector lock.

Now is when the Service Manual says the blower case is resting on the engine. Mine wasn't. With the previously mentioned 2 ea. nuts removed, spring the plastic cabin fan filter holder loose from the cowl upper stud. It will seem like it just won't move far enough off the stud, but it will. Once the tab stud is free, the plastic housing can be stressed out of the way enough to drop down and allow the wiper shaft pivot and linkage to come free. From there the entire wiper linkage assembly can be shifted over and removed from the vehicle.

Once free, the old motor drive assembly can be transferred over to the new new linkage. Using paint or other method to mark the OEM position of the crank on the spline shaft is probably best. I didn't think to do that. It isn't the end of the world. The linkage is adjusted so that the crank is basically level over on the battery side of the assembly. The linkage arms should be straight across.

The picture shows what is working for my 2004. The crank position may not be positioned exactly as the removed unit, but it's werkin'.


The replacement unit that I bought didn't have a pre-formed spline on the crank arm. I left the 13 mm hex nut loose and set the arm on the spline once the linkage assembly was installed. (That was one of the times that the 13 mm "S" shaped box end wrench was handy.)

Installation is the reverse of the removal. The sprung cabin filter plastic cover seemed to pop properly back into place. I suppose there is some risk that an unseen gasket or rubber seal didn't go back into place, but it all seemed fine.

An OEM style windshield has small black level lines on the lower section to indicate/set the park position of the wipers.

All in all it isn't a bad job. I don't know how much trouble it is to drop the entire blower plastic case, but it may be worth the effort. I can say that the additional work wasn't necessary for me.

This is the linkage that I installed.

BOXI Windshield Wiper Transmission Linkage Assembly Fits Freightliner Sprinter 2500 or 3500 Van 2002-2006, Dodge Sprinter 2500 or 3500 Van 2003-2006 5124570AA/5133991AA


It fit as it should. The general quality is good. It was metal where the OEM unit had metal. I did notice that the pivot balls and associated plastic pop bearings were smaller than the OEM assembly. The crank arm was also a bit lighter gauge. That said, I'm not worried that the replacement linkage won't do the job.

A reminder for those living in snow areas.
When finding damaged wiper units in winter a mechanic friend would always quip, "If they were designed to move snow they would be named snowplows, not windshield wipers." Always clear the snow and break the rubber free of any ice before engaging the windshield wipers.

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