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Exclamation Agile Offroad (AO) Horn Upgrade - Maintain OEM Harness


Giving back to this fine community where I can - The quality of my write up skills can be inconsistent. Apologies.

This past week I installed the AO horn upgrade kit:

Was it worth it?
IMO yes. For $100 I now have a horn that is commensurate with the size of the vehicle. I'm on 275/70/17 too, sooo, she big..

Following the (very easy to follow) install instructions, you're presented a step that guides you to cut and remove the female OEM connector left in place after removing the OEM (wimpy AF) horn; with its male end.

While technically the horn will work if you remove the female connector and connect to bare wires of the new horn kit, I like the idea of keeping it. It has a nice rubber seal on the back too.

Is this possible? YES
This is possible, with a little bit of dremel-ing, soldering, and heat shrinking.

* You need to remove the MALE connector from the back of the OEM horn.
* You'll note two metal (crucibles? small and cylindrical) connection points. These are the two outermost leads that are molded over - THERE ARE FOUR TOTAL
* These two outer "leads" are not needed
* The two INNER "leads" (that you can't see) are the ones that leads straight to pins 1 and 2. These need to be exposed so you can solder to them.
* Look inside the MALE connector and you'll see the physical pins and the numbers "1" and "2" displayed on plastic
* Clipping away the two outermost 'leads', it's time to dremel and expose the two inner leads
* These inner leads are what you'll solder the the AO wires to - be sure to solder correctly to + and - pins
* Before soldering, be sure to slide heat shrink on the two wires you'll be soldering AND a larger one that will wrap around the two of them
* Solder AO wires to the MALE connector and two pins you just exposed with your amazing dremel skillz
* Push small heat shrink over each individual wire and solder points, shrink it
* Push the larger heat shrink over the two individually heat shrunk wires, shrink it
* Mount the AO horns per remaining instructions
* Note, the MALE and FEMALE connectors are 'keyed' such that they only go together one way
* Button everything up

** Blast the **** out of that new gratuitous horn!
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