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Default L Track - Modular layout?

Was curious if anyone ever tried using several rows of L track (recessed) to secure items such as seats and galleys, etc? Figure 4 on the floor and one on the wall will get it done.

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Default Re: L Track - Modular layout?

I recently purchased (on this forum) a modular sprinter. Here is the build link : http://sprinter-source.com/forum/showthread.php?t=44522

It's unit strut, not L track. At first I didn't like the strut and considered swapping it out for L track, but after having it a month, I've really come to appreciate the strut and the infinite possibilities it offers. Currently their is a cabinet attached with the strut that houses the solar panel. Last weekend I attached a prototype bedframe- will remove it tomorrow (should take a few minutes). I strapped all sorts of stuff we were hauling to walls and attached some d rings to the floor to hold down heavy items. For my next road trip I'm going to attach some shelving to the strut to store stuff on. I'm not real handy, so will eventually have someone build me a simple removable galley. In the meantime, I'm quite happy strapping my igloo water spigot to the wall when I go camping.

You'll find quite a few posts about securing seats to the floor with L track. To sum them up briefly, some people do it, but there are real concerns about liability/insurance issues in the event of an accident where someone gets injured.
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Default Re: L Track - Modular layout?

Originally Posted by 1911Shooter View Post
Was curious if anyone ever tried using several rows of L track (recessed) to secure items such as seats and galleys, etc? Figure 4 on the floor and one on the wall will get it done.
Yep. Three separate galley cabinets with l-track for walls and floor. See the setup here. I kept the original bench seat in the back rather than trying to make an l-track equivalent, but I'm gradually changing my mind about that.

I used flanged l-track. It also holds my floor and wall panels in place.
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Default Re: L Track - Modular layout?

Unistrut, Power Strut, B-line, etc. is very strong and versatile. It should work fine for your purpose.

I've seen where it is used for additional seating. If properly anchored/installed it should be fine.

There are many fittings available.


For modular stuff I can see where the hinged fittings and other special designs may have some value.

Many of the fittings should even adapt to L-track with a bit of modification.

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