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Default Upgrading 2011 cargo van radio to 2014 radio?

I found a $50 MB radio from a 2014 van, but the owner is unsure if it has GPS or backup camera capability. Can i simply buy a backup up camera and plug it in this style of radio? Does the NAV function work as good as a new garmin GPS?

i have attached 3 pictures of this radio to help with my questions.
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Default Re: Upgrading 2011 cargo van radio to 2014 radio?

I think you might need to find out if the radio is locked. It might need an ID # to match/rematch to your VIN# as I think they are matched to the van VIN# it came with....
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Default Re: Upgrading 2011 cargo van radio to 2014 radio?

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Default Re: Upgrading 2011 cargo van radio to 2014 radio?

I have that radio. The NAV unit is a separate module located in the glove box. See the Audio 15 Reference thread for more info. As I recall if u source the Farka? connectors just about any video source will work.
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Default Re: Upgrading 2011 cargo van radio to 2014 radio?

Following this with great interest!! Document everything for the rest of us, ya?
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Default Re: Upgrading 2011 cargo van radio to 2014 radio?

Yes, that is an Audio 15. It will definitely need to be married to your vin by a dealer or someone else with a Star Diagnostic system. The backup camera also needs to be enabled, unless it came from a vehicle that had one. Have the dealer do both of these things at once.

As for nav, as Mikesprints said, the Audio 15 supports it, but it requires a separate small module that lives in your glove compartment. You will need one of those (they turn up here and on eBay), but you will also need the socket and cable that goes from the glove box to the head unit, which may be harder to find. i do not know whether the nav system needs to be activated by the dealer or whether it just detects the hardware.

Here is the link to the "Audio 15 Reference" thread:

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Default Re: Upgrading 2011 cargo van radio to 2014 radio?

Curious why the owner sold it? Unfortunately, nothing is "simple" with Mecedes Benz. Especially, post factory retrofits. IMHO the Audio 15 is out-dated, mediocre and certainly not user friendly.

My experiences are the reception is poor, some knobs too small, buttons hard to see, especially at night, and steering buttons do not allow direct channel changes without scrolling to a separate menu creating unnecessary and dangerous distractions. The Navigation is a joke. Very difficult to input destinations, the nav module is located smack middle of the glove compartment occupying precious space. (iPhone provides almost flawless voice command inputs and destination accuracy to the extent my Garman is obsolete). My recommendation is explore third party alternatives?

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Default Re: Upgrading 2011 cargo van radio to 2014 radio?

Iím not sure if this pertains to the 2011ís but I have a similar oem mercedes headunit in my 2008 (installed by the PO) it has both working NAV and backup camera. He said itís from an ML series but I havenít been able to confirm that... it will be coming out in a few weeks for an aftermarket unit so iíll update this with the model number. In the meantime I will try to post a picture aswell.
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