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Default Re: Agile Off Road - Customer Reviews

@michaeldorian - I'm not certain to what extent the turning radius is or is not affected. I'm suspect a precision calculation would show a small difference. In use, the geometry alteration and/or addition of wheel spacers does not affect turning radius enough for it to be noticeable. Generally the concern with the geometry change is the angle on the CV's and the potential for accelerated wear. I have owned a few similarly modified vehicles and driven many miles without issue. I am on the fence on possibly adding the Van Compass parts to the front of my van to correct the CV angles.

@aksotar - Couldn't agree more on multiple points you make. I carry a very well stocked recovery kit, multiple straps, blocks, etc. I also keep not only a shovel, but a stout folding saw, hatchet, and a little extra rope. One of the issues that tends to pop up in places where I venture is downed trees blocking the road. A winch and a saw can make quick work of such obstacles if you know what you're doing. Personally, I avoid the real hardcore offloading with my van. I prefer my motos and mountain bikes when its time to get into really rowdy terrain.

On the subject of the 12k vs 10k winch. From what I've been told, there is a genuine concern around the strength of the front of the van with these powerful winches, particularly with a pull at a steep angle. Apparently some folks have tweaked the front of their vans but this is all 2nd hand info and rumors. That said, I don't think the 2k is really the make or break. It makes sense to me just that going past 10k is probably increasing the chances of accidentally tweaking something but then I strong agree with you that misuse is probably a greater concern.

I just double-checked the weight of my van, weighed on a certified CAT scale. It came out to 7780 lbs. At the time, my van was fully loaded with the max gear, food, people, fuel, etc that I typically carry AND I threw in a couple hundred lbs of weight plates on free space in the floor to simulate an actual max load. So, 99% of the time I'm running around at more like 7500 lbs which puts me in a good spot with a 10k winch, especially with a snatch block.

@no-one-in-particular - I should be clear, that so far, 100% of the time, my limiting factor off-road has been ground clearance, not lack of traction or recovery options. Previously, I was getting shutdown on some pretty basic roads due to clearance at my rockers and/or bike rack, usually when crossing water bars. The 33" tires, Agile lift, and bike rack upgrade have opened up a lot more options to me with the added bonus that the tires & suspension dramatically improve on-road performance. The winch is an insurance policy not yet leveraged and honestly, I hope I never use it!

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Default Re: Agile Off Road - Customer Reviews

I am an expediter who load range is between 0lbs and 3200lbs. John at Agile calculated and custom built a RIP suspension exactly for my particular needs.
RIP stands for Ride Improvement Package. To me, RIP means Rest In Peace as in rest in peace all the handling problems inherent to all Sprinters. No more violent side-by-side rocking leaving a driveway or riding down uneven pavement. No more being thrown all over the road from cross winds.
To all my Sprinter's suspension woes of the past I say rest in peace. To John I say thank you.
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Default Re: Agile Off Road - Customer Reviews

I have also heard from numerous people who have install the Agile RIP ... the words "Love It" come into every conversation. It's definitely on my list and i have stopped looking for other possible solutions. All down to timing and finances and state of other build progress. Got my 12v beer cooler mocked over the weekend just need to install some brackets later today
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