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GA Westy
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Originally Posted by Wasaabi View Post
Discus, it looks like you took off the sink and just mounted a flat piece of coriander over the substructure underneath, so that no ridges were needed in the coriander, just the perimeter cut. Is that right?

Yes that is correct. It was not hard to do. The resulting countertop is very sturdy and it made the sliding door glide a bit better too.
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Default Re: Help... Destroyed our sink

I know Iím responding to an old entry, but some may find it helpful. The first sprinter westy I purchased was reported to have a bathroom (and the rest of it) in good shape. Unfortunately this was far from reality. I wound up sinking (no pun intended) a lot of resources into this camper before I could honestly sell it to someone else as a functional camper. The original sink ďrepairĒ appeared to be hastily globbed on epoxy puddy which is a very poor adherent to our sinks and easily flakes off. This revealed a starting point for repairs. Fortunately a polyester/fiberglass repair can actually improve the strength of the sink and shower pan and restore original shapes. Please see the following pics to see itís not that difficult...just takes time and patience. This was my first effort at a fiberglass repair.
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Robert Foster
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Default Re: Help... Destroyed our sink

I removed the entire bathroom cabinet and sink from my Westfalia. If anyone is interested in purchasing it, make me an offer.
2005 Sprinter Westfalia
Charlottesville Va Home Inspector
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Default Re: Help... Destroyed our sink

I'm looking for the sink and sliding door. Sent you a private message.
Cheers, Brennan
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