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Default European insurance for American RV

We are interested in RO/RO from the US to Europe for a year. We seem to have everything covered except the Sprinter insurance. I am 74, my wife a sprightly 67. I have a letter from my Dr. saying I am fit to drive, but so far no luck with the European cos. Any comments, suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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Default Re: European insurance for American RV

NTry a specialist broker rather than direct to an insurance company?
Adrian Flux
Carol Nash

Or maybe NFU (national farmers union) they're far more customer focused than your standard insurance company.

Maybe ask the question on this forum? It tends to be 2 wheel focused but very helpful.
The Hubb / Horizons Unlimited

Or a Facebook page Overlanding and Touring Europe

These tend to be UK biased, which helps from a language perspective but you shouldn't have a language issue dealing with say German or Dutch companies. If you get insurance in one EU country you're covered for them all (that's until we finish building our wall).
I'm pretty sure to get insurance in the UK you need a postal address in the UK. If you can get one, friend/relative, it should be simple.

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Default Re: European insurance for American RV

You could try asking at an AAA office ... they handle other-country activities such as International Drivers Licenses.

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Default Re: European insurance for American RV

Were you able to find insurance? I ask since I am planning to buy a used RV in France or UK and spend 6 months traveling around Europe, and I just turned 71. Hope this is not going to be an issue.

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