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Default Re: Sprinter Store, Tualatin, OR (Service)

Mixed opinion on the sprinter store. We had just gotten a used 2012 sprinter and since we were in the PDX area took it to the store for an oil change and general checkup. All that seemed reasonable. Purchased a couple of items as well that I think I could have gotten cheaper elsewhere had I done the research ahead of time such as a screen door.

However they were unable to fix the SRS problem I had with a seat belt in spite of charging me to redo the wiring for it which did not fix the problem (SRS light still on). They also told me I had two bad glow plugs and a bad tie rod in the front suspension. It was interesting to me that they did not offer to fix any of these problems just pointed them out to me. I was glad to know about the problems however.

Having now taken my sprinter to a dealer to fix the SRS (bad seat belt which they replaced) and the glow plugs (only one of them was bad, dealer happily pointed this out) I wonder how good are the guys at upscale. I also had the tie rod looked at by the dealer and and a tire shop (when getting snow tires put on for the winter) and neither of them thought there was any problem.

They also suggested that I add a lubricant such as Lucas to the fuel something else that seems to be very controversial on the threads.

Anyway Foster was very nice and accommodating I am just not 100% sure they are on top of their game. Not sure if I would go there or not if I was in the Portland area again.
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Default Sprinter Store, Tualatin, OR (Service)

I was travelling cross country in my 2010 Coach House RV and needed to have some service completed. (Tune-up). Elliot and his team ran a full diagnostic and determined what needed to be done. I also took the opportunity to have a leaf upgrade with new Koni's all the way around. I also had a muffler issue that the shop down the street could not accommodate and Elliot was able to have that fixed also while they were completing their work. I can't say enough positive comments about the service we received, work was completed when they said it would be. The team of mechanics that they have are the best in the country at servicing Sprinters. I would not hesitate at all in recommending them. Work was reasonable for amount of work completed.
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BobLLL (11-20-2017)
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Default Re: Sprinter Store, Tualatin, OR (Service)

I just had my 2004 TN1 worked on . Oil cooler replaced, leaking oil. Coolant light was on, low coolant on the way home. Didn't burp the system enough I guess. Fuel filter was changed. Leaking fuel at home. I tightened the hose clamp. Power steering fluid changed. Overfilled, overflowed all over pump. I removed 40 milliliters to be at proper level. Egr hose had been removed to work on oil cooler, not replaced properly. I pointed all this out to them via photos and email the next day. Said they would refund me some money. Never called me in a weeks time. I email them again. They said they would take care of it. Days went by. I emailed again and got a refund for the power steering flush. Just the facts.
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