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Thumbs up Re: Window Regulator Fix

I just installed one of the brass goodies from ebay, mentioned above.


I did not have to remove the regulator. I just drilled out the stud from the arm. Then slid the brass part into the channel & lined up the hole & inserted the screw.
THEN... I had to use a little dental-pic type tool to reach around to the back of the brass part and hold the nut in place while I tighten it up. The screw comes with locktite already on it!

I guess I'll buy another one for the passenger side door - it's sure to fail while I'm on vacation!
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Default Re: Window Regulator Fix

Originally Posted by 80sDweeb View Post
I didn't have the time to hunt down hardware and fabricate a fix for this, so I went for this overpriced but nice looking solution (still far cheaper than the dealer.) Got it on eBay, listed as "1995-2006 DODGE MERCEDES Sprinter window crank motor lift regulator repair kit", it's a brass piece manufactured in Estonia, post needs to be cut off and punched out of the arm, kit includes a replacement bolt and special nut. I hope it arrives soon. $34 with shipping.
After reading a lot of things here & on Youtube, we just bent the arm toward the outside of the door - it's pretty springy so we put a block of wood behind it & then used a pipe-wrench for leverage and bent it so that it holds the stud in the window-bottom track where the broken plastic slide used to be. The window rides up & down on the stud, rather than a 'fancy' slide.

Works great. No cost. Hardest part was getting the door panel back on.


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Default Re: Window Regulator Fix

Yesterday I got around to installing the Ebay ordered window piece and thought twice about drilling out the little stud piece on the operating arm. I took the suggestion to bend the arm slightly so the remaining stud would stay in the channel. Voila!

I raised and lowered the window a few times and it works. I will keep the Ebay piece in case that little stud piece fails, but for the time being it is fixed thanks to this forums members.

It is a shame that the Ebay ordered piece could not be matched with the stud on the operating arm. The hole in the Ebay ordered piece was too small to incorporate the stud on the operating arm that would have needed to be drilled out. It is nice to not have to use some thin shims to hold the window glass up.

Thanks to all here.
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Lightbulb Re: Window Regulator Fix

Originally Posted by Buffdough View Post
[...]And also this https://mercedessource.com/store/126...eplacement-kit This one looks a bit more skookum, plus, again, it comes with two! Plastic/polymer block with rivet.

I will update if the MS part doesn't fit.
Ok, so the Mercedes Source part mentioned definitely does not fit; it is WAY too big. Even if you took a Dremel tool to it to fit, the bushing extension for the rivet is still too large.

Since I had the door panel off and want instant solutions, being that I'm a microwave era baby, I gave it a whirl with stuff laying around my shop.

shows everything I used. The white disk is a 1/2" I.D. nylon washer and, for posterity, the zip-tie is 0.180" in width.

this is a close up of it in place. The 1/2" I.D. center is large enough to slip over the rivet, but still isn't snug enough. The zip-tie act as a spacer to keep it towards the end; hopefully jamming it in place. I simply cut the edges off the washer to make flats, so it fit snuggly in the rail. I put the zip-tie on and just pressed the contraption back onto the rail. I needed the awl to coax the washer to snap into place.

Here's a mock-up of what's going on, since the previous image may not be clear to untrained eyes.

Once again, I will report back when this fails. This clearly is not a permanent solution, but I have a feeling it will surprise me and hold up longer than I expect. As long as I'm not rubbing metal on metal, then I'm happy. With how smoothly and easily this did the trick, I really don't care if I have to do it again in 6 months.

Cheers lads
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Default Re: Window Regulator Fix

To fix the broken plastic piece (both window lifts) I used a thick metal washer (about 1/16") to roll inside the slot channel. The fix was to grind and file down this washer and add a 7/16" snap ring clip to hold the washer on the shaft. To roll inside the slot, the washer is some 0.645" diameter and it needs a 27/64 hole to go over the nub at the end of the short shaft. Simple, zero cost from the scrap box if you have those two parts. The trick, since snap ring pliers will not fit inside the slot, is to brace the snap ring open with a small piece, slip it over the nub to hold the washer in place and pull the piece out.
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