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Default Joining the family

DW and I went to Nokomis this week and met with Chris Corell at the Coachhouse factory for the second time. The only difference this time is that we took the plunge! Struck a deal on a 2018 272XLFR. Time for the wife and I to downsize from our current class A . We really want to get off the interstate and see more of the blue highways. Won't take delivery until 6/18 , I guess it's fair to say that they are BUSY! Can't wait to get out there and enjoy 😊
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Default Re: Joining the family

109 views on this post and no replies. Just curious , any Coachhouse owners out there? I know this is a Coachhouse Sprinter forum but it's the only Coachhouse-specific forum I could find.
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Default Re: Joining the family

Dunno what a Coachhouse is, but I watch the "Class A" vehicles (I call 'em the "forty-footers")
with dismay. There is so much world out there that is completely off limits to those vehicles.

This is what it's all about for me. A gin and tonic and near-wilderness.
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I waited five years for this.

Absent this forum, I'd never have bought a Sprinter.
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Default Re: Joining the family

I wish you well. may just be that the coach house owners do not frequent the internet looking for support.

you might ask Coach House what they have or know about in the way of owners sharing info.

perhaps there is a facebook group.

another question is if coach house supports such owner groups.

the LTV forum has lots of participation, the company puts on a factory rally once a year, and regional events a couple times a year in different places. (they even pick up a pizza dinner) there is a nice facebook group (couple actually)

I looked at a coach house at the Hershey PA rv show, and was impressed.

I am sure you will have a great time.
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Default Re: Joining the family

Should be a good choice. I have looked at those as well - very interesting coach.

The Ford version is quite a bit heavier duty / capacity, which should come in handy.

My company has been developing some specific solar / battery upgrades for that coach if you hare ever interested, but I am sure that you are fine as is.

Good luck.

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Default Re: Joining the family

Hi islandbum561,
My wife and I put an order in for a 2018 241XL RT back in August. We were given an initial delivery date of mid-Feb (6 mos). I don't know if you've kept in touch with them for updates, but apparently they've had some trouble receiving chassis from MB. The last I spoke with them it is now mid to late March for completion. They haven't been very forthcoming with information or photos as they said they would. How has your experience been as far as progress reports etc? We're trying to plan our spring and summer plans and it's difficult to do with little or no progress info. I'd be interested in hearing about how your experience has been so far. Thanks!
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Default Re: Joining the family

COtrvlrs, so far we are still too far out from our delivery date to know if our coach will be ready when promised ( June). We spoke with Steve Gerzeny ( co-owner of Coachhouse) on Friday and he gave no indication of delays, but our coach is on the Ford E-450 chassis. Best of luck on your order and hopefully your delay will be minimal.
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