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about that Adventure A place to share (.GPX, POI, etc.) or discuss that next Adventure.

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Default Re: West Africa Trip Anyone?

First words of advise.
Don't dress like a Yank , rather more like a rag bag Columbian or Venezuelan.
The popular Yankee belly pack is a big giveaway, only Yanks wear those ! Big attack target followed by expensive designer sneakers like genuine Nikes!
Again only Yanks wear those
I lived for years in that region, mostly in Caracas .

I traveled all over South & Central America, petty theft (pick pockets) & mugging assault is the biggest issue in some areas especially at night & entering unknown "barrios" without local invites. So don't attract attention to yourselves try to look and act like a local.
All the best
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Default Re: West Africa Trip Anyone?

Hey Ed, I missed this call for travel mates back when. At the time I was in the waiting period for my van and couldnít have committed. Now that Iíve got her I would be tempted.

An organized group is easier for sure, but so far I have really been digging the solo wandering style. That is in the safe confines of Western Europe so far.

Enjoy the trip.
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