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Default Replacement Skylight dome


Had a rock break the skylight dome over bed its a Dometic Seitz 900 X 700 mm.
I'm look for a US source, found them in Germany but costs big money pluss over $250 just to ship.


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Default Re: Replacement Skylight dome

Those are difficult units to find, from my limited research.

I was actually interested in the dometic/seitz products because I thought the design looked cool and progressive/aesthetically pleasing. But researched them enough to find out that the cost was high and the availability low. Also a lot of mixed reports about plastic bits breaking and skylights flying open unexpcetedly... although these are second hand reports (hearsay).

Good luck in your search, I mean that. If you find a good US distributor come back here and post the info. I still like the design for some reason.

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