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Default Re: Espar Replacement

Are you sure it is the ECU? It could be the atomizer or something cheap and easy to replace. Like Mr1987joker, I also did the ECU/D1000 upgrade. I had the expert from Indiana evaluate/upgrade the unit although I am confident that I could have done it myself now that I’ve done the research and had it apart. He said it was in almost new condition. These units are quite robust, so if you are planning on keeping the Westy long term, if I were you, I would pull it off and either send it to someone or replace the parts myself, keeping the base unit. Yes, there is some wiring and time to spend on it, but the result is a system you understand and can fix if you have a problem on the road in the future.
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Default Re: Espar Replacement

Originally Posted by Mr1987joker View Post
Well my brain to my espar heater went out last year. Now the brain which is attached to the heater is proprietary to Westfalia. The heater did not work at all. I got a new brain from a place in the Portland Or. area. The new brain will not work with the proprietary Westfalia temp controller however. I bought for 100 bucks a Espar D1000 thermostat. I had to change the wiring harness to match the wires. Not hard, there all color coded. Now it works and the new controller has a diagnostic function and the ability to reset the heater if it has a fault. This may work for you if your heater is essentially good but the brain is not. Total project cost about 500 dollars. The brain is not that cheap. An Espar service place could easily do this. hope this helps.
What place in Portland?


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Default Re: Espar Replacement

Rixen's in Sandy Oregon.
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