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Default Fuel tank leak - warped threads - warranty?

I have a 2016 Cargo 4x4 and have discovered a leak in my fuel tank. It appears to originate from the perimeter of 4-6" opening where the fuel sender inserts on top of the tank. A threaded locking-nut and O-ring secure the fuel sender in place.

My wrench suggested replacing the O-ring in the lock-nut, and while doing so noticed that the threads on the tank were slightly 'warped'. Not cross-threaded, but simply not perfectly symmetrical. He feels the O-ring replacement and a good tightening might solve the problem, but if not the thread issue needs to be further investigated.

I have read anecdotal stories of warped threads on the tank resulting in the cap not properly seating and leaks. A call to my local dealer (MB Westminster, CO) by my wrench determined that MB is aware of this and may warranty the tank depending on the amount of warpage.

Has anyone dealt with this issue before? Results and advice welcome.
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Default Re: Fuel tank leak - warped threads - warranty?

Yes we simply replaced the tank.
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Default Re: Fuel tank leak - warped threads - warranty?

I have found it to be a common problem. As Dennis said replace the tank. I have replaced them and filed warranty and also have had them replaced by the dealer under warranty.
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