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Default Leak at exhaust roof vent

So I tracked down some water coming in around the range hood fan exhaust at the roof. If I access the area via the bathroom flip down panel, I can feel moisture on the outside of the hose, as well as the gap between the hose and the plastic vent portion inside that cabinet. Not sure if this is because of an actual leak, or strong wind blowing water in there, but it seems to me there should never be water on the outside of that hose, but maybe some would go inside it.

I looked in the Westy repair manual to better understand how it was put together before repairing, but unfortunately the repair manual has some typos in it, and the description for the "Remove/install range hood ventilation" is the same as "Remove/install forced ventilation in kitchen". And they both match the vent above the cabinet, not the vent for the range hood.

So, has anyone removed this roof vent? Anything I should know before I dig in? I don't see any screws on the inside portion of the vent in the cabinet. And I hope there is some slack in the hose to remove the vent and sort out the leak..... I am hoping I don't have to remove any interior cabinets, so any advice is appreciated.

The only thing I can glean from the repair manual is that the vent is sealed with Butyl cord.
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