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Default 03 Sprinter #5 fuse keeps blowing

Hey everyone, I have a 2003 sprinter 2500 that currently has 212k on it. I've been driving it around for 6 months now and haven't had too many issues outside of some routine maintenance. I just drove the van back home to NY from Oregon and didn't have a single issue the entire trip home. Once i got back however I started having issues with fuse #5. It started a bit intermittently for for the first 3 fuses, could drive it for an hour os so before it would blow again (this was all in the same day.) But after that they would blow the second I would touch the brake. I read through a ton of threads on here and followed the advice of thoroughly checking the underbody wiring harness, i couldn't find any spots where the casing had rubbed away, and i even cleaned up the ground at the very rear of the van. All this time mind you the bulbs in the housing were lighting up but not getting brighter when I pressed the brake. (I used a pen to bypass the shifter being locked up). The next day I started checking the bulbs and noticed one of the middle bulbs was out so I changed it, still no luck. Ordered a new brake light switch and changed it but still no luck. purchased some new bulbs (ended up being the wrong ones) for the taillight housings, still no luck. about this time as well the fuse was still blowing instantly but None of the bulbs in the taillight housing were lighting up at all when the van was turned on. I found the thread about the correct bulbs, purchased all new bulbs for both housings. Replaced them but they still won't even light up when turned on and the fuse is still blowing instantly. I don't know what to do at this point, and would hate to have to bring it to a mechanic to get fixed, So I figured I would try here and see if anyone had any advice. Thanks in advance - Quinn
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