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Default iCarsoft MBii vs Torque Pro

Hello everyone, I have a 2006 and already have the Torque Pro (not lite) app. Can someone with experience with both scanners tell me if I should fork over $150 dollars for the ICarsoft scanner instead of using my Torque Pro?
I am willing to spend the money if I can get a whole lot more information on the iCarsoft MBII.
Thanks in advance!
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Default Re: iCarsoft MBii vs Torque Pro

I do, and I did.

Worth it.

I can get accurate live-stream data, *and* look into the various sub-systems for faults. I can even reset the traction control and ABS modules, unlike Torq Pro.
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Default Re: iCarsoft MBii vs Torque Pro

This doesn't answer the question. If not in a rush, watch Amazon. (Use "Save for later".)

I just picked up the MD808 All Systems Pro for 200 bucks. I watched it at $238 - $250+ for quite a while. Noticed the price drop in a.m. and ordered it. That afternoon price was back up.

The Autel MD808 (previous model MD802) does all that the iCarsoft MBII will do, plus it works on other brands of vehicles. It claims to even match a replacement battery to the brands that now require that.

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