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Default Re: MD808 Pro - first impressions

Originally Posted by Patrick of M View Post
Fwiw sounds like the 808 pro is pretty much the same as the 802 at least as far as the T1N is concerned.
Even without comparing the units I can say that there would be no practical reason for a T1N owner to upgrade to a MD808. There haven't been any changes in K-line access to the T1N since 2006.

Originally Posted by Patrick of M View Post
... I suspect the slowness of the AUTEL is a result of so many models being covered by one small, inexpensive unit, small price to pay IMO.
I agree. My comment wasn't a complaint, just an observation.

The MD808 has more capability eg. - live data choices that applies to the T1N vs the iCarsoft MBII. That said, being that I have both, the quicker iCarsoft will be my go to scan tool unless the extra capability of the MD808 is needed. I also have the DAD. Since purchasing the iCarsoft MBII the DAD has not even been powered up. I should check that the Dell 610 is still working.

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Default Re: MD808 Pro - first impressions

There's another thread asking about the "Autel AP200" ... which is an Autel dongle using your smartphone as the button/display box.

$63 $69 on Amazon, and Autel claims it's the 808's coding.

thread: https://sprinter-source.com/forum/sh...ad.php?t=76388

gadget: https://www.amazon.com/Autel-AP200-B...rintersou02-20

(one downside: it's a "single vehicle model" scanner, so if you need to use "two makes" to scan the Sprinter, you need to add another $20 per year for the "second model")

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Default Re: MD808 Pro - first impressions

Originally Posted by syncro_G View Post
Hi, I recently had a few problems crop up that compelled me to get a scanner.
I picked the MD808 Pro based on reviews of the MD802 Elite. I think the 808 is supposed to be the new replacement model for the 802.

Anyway, my perspective is as an owner of a 2006 NAFTA T1N, and as a "scanner newbie" who has done fine until now with a box of tools and a manual.

the MD808 unit connects via the OBDII port, Turn ignition key to position 2 and the scan tool boots up.

Finding the sprinter profile:
I first tried USA > Chrysler > VA Sprinter but failed to make a connection that way.
But I was able to connect successfully via...
European > Sprinter > Sprinter > and choosing either of the following:
901.6; 902.6; 903.6; 904.6; 905.6(KWP 2000 - 2006)
YD...; WD...; XD...(KWP 2000 - 2006)

Once in, I was able to initiate a scan (it takes several minutes)
which resulted in a big list of faults in various modules.
When I browse the

---- fault codes, they appear with numbers I don't recognize. and the information attached to each is fairly lightweight.
Thank you for your post...useful to me even 6 years later.
Just received my 808p a few days ago and some issues..
Your post cleared them up...great forum, great participation...great help!
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Default Re: MD808 Pro - first impressions

Will the MD802 or MD808 do a ESP brake flush?
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Default Re: MD808 Pro - first impressions

Originally Posted by Gulfbreeze View Post
Will the MD802 or MD808 do a ESP brake flush?
Brake flush? I have found no discussion anywhere that states "brake flush." I haven't found any discussion saying that the MD808 can do brake bleed. The MP808, MP808K and MS906 can do brake bleed from what I have read. These are all bi-directional units and cost much more moola.
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