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Thor Chateau Citation, Four Winds Siesta

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Default A few Mods - Siesta 24SA

In a few weeks, I will begin my first cross country trip in Oliver our RV (race vehicle) Siesta 24SA. Over the last few years, there are some things that seem to just be an annoyance. Given that Dana and I will spend about three weeks going from Alexandria, VA to Tucson, AZ and back I figured I would make a few changes and I would share.

1.) How do you close the screen door? So Dana and I race bicycles, and we have a pretty steady flow of people in and out of the RV. Every time they come in; it is a lesson on closing the door. To be fair, it takes a little getting used to reaching through the screen door making sure not to have hold of the unlock flap... blah blah blah.. you know what I am talking about.

Solution: Camco 42183 Screen Door Cross Bar (Black) - $9.14 Took 10 minutes to install. (pic below)

Door Handle.jpg

2.) The occasional smell from the black water tank. After watching a bunch of videos especially from www.fitrv.com, figured out a solution.

- Valterra Products, Inc. A-70 No Fuss Flush with Check Valve - $22.00
- Valterra A71 No Fuss Assembly Kit - $24.00
- 4-foot hose from Home Depot - $8.00

It took me about 2 hours to install. I drilled the hole on the left side (side toward the front) of the black water tank. I was able to get to the tank via the compartment beside of the wet bay. Then I added the intake plate in the wet bay, see photo. Now when I dump, I can connect a hose turn it on and flush the black water tank while dumping. PASSED the sniff test - opened the toilet valve with the fantastic fan on. No smell!!!!!!

Black Water Wash Intet.jpg

3.) We run out of outlets when charging our iPhones and iPads.

- Replaced the outlet above the dinette
- Leviton USB Charger / Tamper-Resistant Outlet - $22.97
- HDX Shallow box - $1.97

I took about 30 minutes. I had to add a shallow box since the outlet that Thor used is only secured with two "wings" that come out when you tighten it down. I had to clean up their cutting since there square was nowhere close to being square. Now we have the two outlets and two USB ports.

USB Outlet.jpg

4.) Clean up of the media area above Fridge.

- Free - Took the quest media center and flipped the rack and mounted it on the top of the area. Now it opened up a ton of room.

Media Center.jpg

Tomorrow's work:

1 - Installation of WeBoost Cellular Booster
2 - Installation of Peplink Pepware MAX BR1 Cellular / WAN Router

If anyone has any storage tips, I am all ears. I am going to open up the area under the bathroom sink by moving the little wood partition back a few inches. I am also going to split the shelf above the sink into to areas, instead of the one big one.

Oh, anyone has suggestions on what to use to lube the shower door. Ours sticks something dreadful.


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Default Re: A few Mods - Siesta 24SA

Great mods!
Speaking of shower doors, my white nylon "rollers" are coming off of the stainless steel wheels. There are 4 sets of 2 rollers. Total of 8. Have you replaced the nylon rollers?
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Default Re: A few Mods - Siesta 24SA

Nice work. I like the USB receptacle.
My Unity wet bay is set up a little different than yours but I built a manifold for mine so I have only one fresh water connection (with quick-connect and 50 PSI inlet regulator) so all I have to do is plug in the city water supply. I can shut the supply to the coach and turn on the flow to the black tank flush. I installed a back flow preventer valve on the black tank flush so when I turn off the supply the pressure is released and water cannot flow back into the fresh water system. Maybe a little overkill but I'm kinda anal about fresh water contamination.
The whole manifold can be removed in one piece by disconnecting it from the coach connections if there's a problem.

Don't know if you use any chemicals in your tank but if you have concerns about smell, especially during the hot months, I recommend using Happy Campers treatment. Used as directed and smells are pretty much eliminated and, you will never have problems with your level sensors.
I buy the 130 Treatment Tub which is the most cost effective. Lasts me for at least a couple of seasons or longer. I've used this stuff on my last motorhome for over 8 years and never had a problem with my holding tanks. No, I don't have any commercial interest in the company, just a satisfied customer.

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2019 24CB Unity being pushed by a 2013 Honda CRV through a Blueox Aventa tow bar and a Patriot Braking System.
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