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Default Re: Is Advanced-RV now offering the shorter 2500 Sprinter 144" wheelbase?


You mentioned.."I have a detailed spreadsheet list of everything they install with actual or estimated weights".. Without giving away too much detail, are there any items that account for over 25 percent of mass? Are the filled fresh water and the waste tanks the big culprits? I sometimes think that it would be helpful to have access to the early design memos for the lunar lander to get a feel for how a start from the beginning with weight minimization in mind for a "class B space van". Maybe there is something that the van manufacturers might be able to not install or replace with different version on the assembly line if an upfitter or group of upfitters could figure out that it would result in a lower total and be significant to the point that all upfitters would want that option.

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Default Re: Is Advanced-RV now offering the shorter 2500 Sprinter 144" wheelbase?

Curb weight is the turned over weight built by the upfitter. The van a 144 2WD 2500 Cargo Van as delivered from Mercedes Benz is 5,016 lbs. Assumed in that is a full tank of diesel. The upfitter improvements are 2,351 lbs. or a delivered weight of 7,367 lbs. which is 33 lbs. under the allowable curb weight of 7,400 lbs. The van's GWVR rating is 9,050 lbs. leaving me 1,683 lbs. to be able to add. Water is one and I think I will end up with a 36 gallon freshwater tank so the added weight will be about 288 lbs. Grey and black will be a trade off with use with the freshwater for the most part so doesn't add to the total. I will have about 26 gallons of grey and 12-15 gallons of black. We can only carry the two of us. So I will say that will not go over 350 lbs. In our last trip I think we had less than 300 lbs. of clothes, food, blankets, containers and equipment, etc. That leaves me 745 lbs. under the GWVR weight. After delivery I could safely add such things as VB Air Suspension, EP levelers and front bull bars. I could have built with a 2018 Sprinter with less GWVR but wouldn't have the luxury of adding those goodies if I wanted.

It is not a matter of eliminating anything and I got everything I designed into it. The van is what it is and nothing can be done to deliver less than 5,016 lbs. especially in a bare bones cargo van and the curb weight is 7,400 lbs. whether it is a heavier 4x4 or a SuperSingle which would boost the GWVR to 9,900 lbs. I have ordered the heavier reinforced front axle which boost the front axle weight carrying capacity but doesn't boost the total GWVR. That's the way I understand it.

This is interesting. The total 828ah Lithium battery assembly is 425 lbs. I couldn't get 1/3 the ah capacity of lithiums in AGM batteries and stay under the curb weight.
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