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Phil in K.C.
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Default 2017 Navion 24j slider isses

Leaving campground and slider does not come in correctly . Back had to be helped to close .
Will not open properly now. Back lags behind front . I have read on how to jog and re sync but that is not working . Any ideas? Long way from home and a dealership I hate! Lol
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Mike DZ
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Default Re: 2017 Navion 24j slider isses

Have read about how others have an obstruction under the slide, scraping the floor. Have you examined below the slide?
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2017 Winnebago Navion
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Default Re: 2017 Navion 24j slider isses

I also have a '17 J, and while I have not had the issue you have, mine squeaked like heck until I did the special lube application specified by Winnebago and Limpert. But, the reason I am chiming in here is that while I was working on the slide previously, I noticed that the slide itself did not sit evenly within the opening. Probably because of braking, etc., the slide was farther forward in the opening, leaving a larger gap at the rear. I have always wondered if that gave the rear motor gear and the slide grooved engagement rail too much clearance, and that it may slip at some point. This may or may not have anything to do with your problem, but it may be something to look at. At the very least it is piss poor quality control. There have been so many slide issues--you would think they could get this very important, major piece of the motorhome designed and installed correctly to begin with. Sorry--just another of my rants, but I can't abide by shoddy workmanship, and there are more than a few I have found. Many, I have corrected, as have others here.
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