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Default Re: Coach charging solenoid

Originally Posted by RV2019 View Post
Does this mean the solenoid has intermittent issues?
Quite possibly ... or the circuit that's driving the small wire.

The loss of a tenth of a volt across the relay "feels" a little high, but i don't have comparisons to base that on.

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Default Re: Coach charging solenoid

It has all been working well this trip (25 days).

I’ll have to start monitoring the VictronConnect app during our travels I guess.

Any other suggestions?
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Default Re: Coach charging solenoid

Did you have the battery at a very low level of charge?

one additional component in the system is an isolation delay relay,


this device inserts a delay after sensing that the engine voltage indicates that the engine is charging the starting battery enough to also provide more current to charge the house battery.

If the house battery was very much discharged, it could be that as soon as the house battery was connected, it dropped the voltage so far it cut out the relay.

If it was me, I would keep an eye on it.

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Default Re: Coach charging solenoid

My last long trip I realized my Isolator Solenoid (IS) wasn't working. I watched my Victron BMV-712 and noticed that the IS was only working intermittently. So I am replacing it with the Blue Sea ML-ACR a solid state more reliable unit. Here are some posts that may be helpful, https://sprinter-source.com/forum/sh...light=Blue+sea and https://sprinter-source.com/forum/sh...light=Blue+sea. It's an easy swap out once you find your IS and Isolator relay, if your Wonder is anything like the Unity (both under passenger seat).
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Default Re: Coach charging solenoid

Originally Posted by RV2019 View Post
The voltage on the large terminals match engine (12.8) and house (13.3) voltages with engine off.
Small wire is 0.

Engine on
Engine battery 14.32
House battery 14.48
Small wire 14.36

Now Iím lost. Seems solenoid is working.

Just started engine again and according to my VictronConnect smart bmv it shows charging at 27.9 amps 14.11 volts and 95% SOC. I had run the generator for about and hour and a half to charge batteries after we stopped.

Does this mean the solenoid has intermittent issues?

Running 2 6 volt agm batteries. Originals were 12v flooded.
It might. With dirty grayed contacts it could connect up sometimes but not other times. That is the way mine acted. It will only get worst if that is your problem.
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