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Default Roadtrek Adventurous Alde Upgrade Kit


I'm ready to do an Alde system flush. I have heard a few people mention an upgrade kit that was available from roadtrek before the BK. I believe it is some sort of bypass (I have also read that it included an upgraded rear convector with fans - I'm not sure about this since I have a cover over mine). Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction as to where to get these parts/fittings?

Thank you
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Default Re: Roadtrek Adventurous Alde Upgrade Kit

If you go to their website you can send a message and they do answer.
Alde Corp
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Default Re: Roadtrek Adventurous Alde Upgrade Kit

The "Upgrade Kit" is rather expensive. You can use a submersible water pump and regular garden hoses, along with a 5 gal bucket. You can use water to flush the system into the bucket. When the draining glycol solution is flushed, you will see the water coming out (change in color). So now water is in the system. Now just flush the water with glycol solution (4.5-5 gallons glycol needed). Water draining into the bucket will turn to whatever color glycol solution you are using (most use a yellow solution). A little time consuming but you only need to do this every other year
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Default Re: Roadtrek Adventurous Alde Upgrade Kit

EHGNA "upgraded" floor heating in some units. It involved changing some of the plumbing/valves to promote better glycol flow through the tubing under the floor. They also added convector fans to some units.
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