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Default Re: CA Smog EGR NOT READY

Originally Posted by Akatdog View Post
So I rented an SDS unit last night but unfortunately it would not come up with the development menu shown to manually enter these values.

I did however try to exercise the EGR through the diagnostic routine where it goes through the engine rev cycle etc then manually tried to open and close the EGR valve through the DAS and there was virtually no change to the readout whether the valve was supposedly open or closed.

I'm thinking that maybe my valve is clogged or broken but shouldn't there we some sort of code or check engine light if this is the case?
The comments on the video suggested that the poster was open to others contacting him about getting help getting their SDS units set up, so you should give him a shout. Sounds like a trip to Escondido is in your future (see if you can reserve a campsite in one of the oceanfront campgrounds south of Oxnard or south of Carlsbad!)

The DAD can exercise the EGR valve and you are requested to start the engine. The change in engine sound is quite noticeable. So perhaps you can perform the tests with the SDS with the engine idling? Also, if you are using the SDS to cycle the EGR valve with the engine off, just remove the valve and cycle it while looking at it. It will be very apparent as to whether or not it opens and closes - or sticks before closing completely. I have not used the SDS, but without any diagnostic tool, I have watched a valve go through the normal two-wipe "cleaning" when cycling the van on and off. I don't remember if I did this with the valve out of the van (and not turning over the engine, of course) or if I left the original valve in the van and plugged a second valve into the connector, then cycled the engine briefly.

Sean (who dissected several EGR valves to understand how they work)
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Default Re: CA Smog EGR NOT READY


Dodge 2004-2006 2500 3500 Sprinter
EGR monitor will not
ECU software error. Dealer must
reprogram ECU.
See Recall T21
Advise motorist that Recall is
required to prevent failing for
EGR monitor readiness. Provide
motorist the manufacturer
recall assistance phone number
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Default Re: CA Smog EGR NOT READY

Vanmansion: Do you have the complete working link to the PDF you posted?

Do you have a stock computer setup or a Green Diesel Engineering (GDE) or other tune?
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Default Re: CA Smog EGR NOT READY

Curious if this is it?

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