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Default flex plate

just replacing mine now on a 2004 ambo, jeez it makes a racket when they go, sounded like a truck load of anvils falling down a lift shaft. mine would turn over but not start due to smashed sensor, also a bolt had worked out of the torque converter and joined the bits in the bell housing mincer. local sprinter 'guru' thought from the turnover noise that I may have split a piston, so after a 600k tow home ($1200) and a struggle, I got the engine out only to find that it was not necessary . anyway, due to the difficulty getting the remaining torque converter bolts out I also pulled out the transmission, give it a rinse and a general tighten up, and just about to bolt it onto the engine and have much easier access to the converter bolts. Loctite this time! then i'll put the complete unit back in one piece.
about 25 years ago I saw an article in the uk, where a freight company running ford transits, made a conversion. the radiator, engine and gearbox was mounted on a frame, that slid in the front of the van on rails and bolted into place, reckoned a complete change out took 1/2 an hour, and any repairs could be done on a bench. you would have thought that that method would also be quicker and easier when building the vans in the first place. make em easier to fix
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