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Default Driving lights

So, my new-to-me '04 Dodge 158" T1N (Airstream Interstate) has what appear to be some aftermarket driving lights with a funky switch setup on the face of dash below the steering wheel. None of it works. The wiring is all corroded near the lights. Aftermarket driving lights are often a mickey-mouse setup, and this stuff doesn't seem to be an exception.

Has anyone any recommendations for a good solid set of driving lights that work through the dash-mount stock switch setup? Does anyone know if the stock T1N chassis' lights' current is carried through the dash switch or it's a relay setup?

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Default Re: Driving lights

Added lights can be a bear at times . Before buying any lights check to see about state laws for type & the like . What ever you go with they need to be DOT approved lights. I like Bosch myself , they make a great unit & as most of the lights on the van are Bosch it just makes sense . When I install a light I always run a relay setup . Solder & shrink tube all connections . Wire tie everything up neatly . There are some good vids on you tube on how to do this. good luck with it .
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Default Re: Driving lights

The service manuals (such as this 2006) have known errors in the headlight switching area (Vic puzzled them out).
There's a thread somewhere (here's Vic's modified diagram:)

8w-50-4 AsShouldBe.png

Just 'cuz i'm here: (it looks like it's a "through the switch" style, but check the relay list)


This site: http://diysprinter.co.uk/reference/ also has the 2004 service manual. In both books, section 8W are the vehicle schematics.

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