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Default New Battery Replacement Recommendations

Has anyone tried one of the NAPA Legend Premium AGM? The specs look pretty good. 900 Cold Cranking amps & 160 AMP HR reserve with a 75 month warranty. The last month since the temperature has dropped, when I start the van ESP Antiskid and ABS lights stay on for a second or two then clear. I think I read this is due to low voltage? I am still running the original OEM battery in my 08, probably getting towards the end of its life span.
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Default Re: New Battery Replacement Recommendations

160 Ahr sounds great if they are 12v, not so good if they are 6v... Al
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Default Re: New Battery Replacement Recommendations

I am getting the three lights on for a second on initial start of the day. I want to get a good battery too. Not sure which brand.
Walmart has a battery for sprinter everstart maxx-h8 (900 cold cranking amps) $130 [3 year free replacement].

So, my question would be where you got your battery from and how satisfied you are? The merchant does not matter. NTB carrying anything interesting?

My van 2008 sprinter 2500 170" original VARTA battery. Mileage 140,000
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Default Re: New Battery Replacement Recommendations

bg101, your avatar is much too small.
You learn something every day whether you want to or not.
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Default Re: New Battery Replacement Recommendations

Originally Posted by jackfish View Post
bg101, your avatar is much too small.
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Default Re: New Battery Replacement Recommendations

I've been very happy with the OEM batteries. I even have both originals in daily use in another vehicle and application. They both hold charge very well above 12.58 after months of standby. Deka pretty much makes everyone's batteries right now, just relabeled. Interstate is good, but a lot of the batteries are just recycled with a special discharge and recharge to bring them back to life. You get what you pay for in batteries for sure.
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Aqua Puttana
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Default Re: New Battery Replacement Recommendations

I picked up an Interstate battery for around 50 bucks by using a Sams Club new credit deal. It has been fine for my area of use. That said, those who are further north have found that some batteries are better than others. Interstate doesn't seem to make the cut for those people.

My broken record again.

Sprinters are very picky about voltage. Jump starting is suspected as being a contributor to some module failures, specifically the SKREEM module. Most any battery is good for 5 years. You may get longer service, but if you plan to keep your vehicle for a long time extending the battery replacement by a year here or there has little payback. One episode of getting stuck or needing a jump may negate any gain.

I like the thread which this quote came from. I guess some of the info could be outdated, but the thread isn't really that old.

As always the original post/thread can be accessed by clicking the blue arrow box within the quote.

Originally Posted by Aqua Puttana View Post
There are more battery brands than manufacturers in the USA.

DEKA: "East Penn Manufacturing makes thousands of different sizes and types of lead-acid batteries, battery accessories, and wire & cable products for virtually any application. Since 1946, we have developed an enviable reputation for world-class quality products made in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities."



Maybe the following is true? Confusion reigns supreme.

"Napa batteries have been made by Deka since early 2009. They make great batteries. At our Napa store, the defect rate is 75% less than when Exide was supplying us."

Have fun. vic


The higher number in the chart to right of the CCA is CA/MCA.

"CA and MCA ratings are at 32 degrees F, while CCA is at zero degree F. Unfortunately, the only positive way to tell with some batteries is to buy one and cut it open - not much of an option."

Be careful that you are comparing like for like on printed ratings.


Originally Posted by jackfish View Post
bg101, your avatar is much too small.
I disagree. They look large enough to me, but the picture is way too small.

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Default Re: New Battery Replacement Recommendations

Pep Boys just had a sale for their Bosch batteries. $113 regular price and the sale was $30 off. 3 yr full warranty and then prorated. I ve had it on my 06 Odyssey . It died after 3 years , they gave me new battery , i had to pay like 40 buks or so.
So get the OEM Varta , if they still make it and if it is Made in Germany, and all set for another 6+ years .

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Default Re: New Battery Replacement Recommendations

There are like 3 companies in the USA that make ALL OEM batteries, they just brand them differently. The one I always buy batteries from is;

They make the most OEM's, Military etc.. Look up their catalog, find the battery for your vehicle and then buy that stock number from your local dealer - which might be NAPA, etc.

The difference in weight between what they make and other would stun you.

The biggest company no one ever heard of....

Catalog here:

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Default Re: New Battery Replacement Recommendations

Currently looking for a good replacement starter & aux battery.. the Napa 9849 is an AGM with a 75 month warranty, and appears to match up with the Deka/EastPenn 9AGM49 perfectly.

92Ah@20hour, 805 CCA, 975 CA@32, 58(.5)lbs, 170 minute reserve capacity, dimensions...

$205 with an $18 core charge available locally with a 75 month warranty! What other batteries would you guys consider?


* also they are having a 20% off deal, if you buy 3 qualifying items.... I threw in a couple NW-787136 $6 headlight sockets that might help with my LED retrofits and now the AGMs are $165 each... can't beat that!

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